INDIA – PepsiCo India in partnership with United Way Delhi has launched “Tidy Trails” – a special initiative to sustainably manage post-consumer plastic waste in Mathura-Vrindavan. 

Tidy Trails will engage the shopkeeper community, including organized and unorganized retail shops in eight commercial zones, across Mathura-Vrindavan to encourage behavioural change towards responsible plastic waste management. 

PepsiCo India and United Way Delhi also plan to organize on-ground events, e-educational workshops, and will distribute Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material to the shopkeeper community as well as the public at large. 
A mobile van has been deployed to create awareness and collect post-consumer plastic waste from about 400 shops spread across the entire Mathura-Vrindavan region, 

The post-consumer plastic waste collected from these establishments will be segregated and provided for recycling purpose.  

The plastic waste collected will also be repurposed into useful products like chairs and tables, which later will be installed at public places across Mathura-Vrindavan. 
According to PepsiCo, the initiative aims to encourage and empower local citizens to keep their environment clean and set an example to inspire all members of communities. 

A great boon for the environment

The Pepsico Initiative is a great boost for the environment as plastics have been a menace to the environment since their discovery back in 1907. 

A 2020 report from WWF International warns that the amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans will reach 300 million tons by 2030. The study also revealed that carbon dioxide emissions from burned plastic will triple by 2030. 

Their ubiquitous presence on the planet has a huge impact on marine life with WWF noting that more than 270 different animal species have been entangled in plastic debris, and entanglement kills at least 1,000 marine turtles every year. 

By helping create awareness on responsible plastic disposal, PepsiCo and its partners will be playing a critical role in slowing down the impact that plastic pollution has on the environment. 

The initiative has also received support from the Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation.  Anunaya Jha, municipal commissioner pledged that his munipality will “extend the required support to PepsiCo India and United Way Delhi on their special initiative”. 

Earlier, The PepsiCo Foundation launched a new US$1 million program with a leading NGO and long-term partner, WaterAid to bring safe water to families in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The new program expands PepsiCo’s 15-year safe water access initiative that reaches over 20 countries and has helped more than 59 million people since 2006. 

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