INDIA – PepsiCo India has said it will reduce salt content in 75% of its snacks by 2025 as it looks to pilot 100% compostable, plant-based packaging for its popular brands in India this year.

The food and beverages company is planning to cut the sodium content in its Lay’s snacks by 13-15% in line with its global goal to make its products healthier, Economic Times has reported.

The compostable, plant-based material for Lay’s and Kurkure brands forms part of sustainable packaging solutions.

The company said it has already introduced upgraded variants of its Lay’s snacks with reduced sodium in different flavours containing 13% to 215% lesser sodium.

“We have reduced 5 per cent to 25% sodium across popular variants of our snacks flagship brands, Lay’s and Kurkure and we further aim at reducing sodium in 75 per cent of our food’s portfolio by 2025,” said PepsiCo India Vice President – Snacks Category Jagrut Kotecha.

PepsiCo is working to reduce the impact of its packaging on environment and increase recycling of plastic waste even as works towards its ‘performance with purpose goals 2025’ in strive for healthier food-people relationships while growing the business.

“The first step towards the actualisation of this journey is the resizing of packaging of our brands Lay’s and Kurkure. This will significantly help us in reducing our carbon footprint,” added Jagrut.

In collaboration with partners, the company said it is supporting and leveraging new technologies for sustainable packaging solutions.

“We will be piloting the first ever 100 per cent compostable, plant-based packaging for our popular snacks products – Lay’s and Kurkure this year,” the company said.

“We plan to launch the pilot for this new compostable packaging with Lay’s and Kurkure starting in Q4 of this year.”

This comes as concerns around plastic pollution mounts, prompting the west-central Indian state Maharashtra to ban plastic bags and single-use plastic items.