Perdue AgriBusiness and ZeaKal work towards sustainable poultry through improved soy genetics

USA — Perdue AgriBusiness and biotechnology firm ZeaKal have entered a multiyear development agreement to raise more sustainable poultry through improved soy genetics and feed quality using ZeaKal’s PhotoSeed trait technology.

ZeaKal claims its PhotoSeed technology increases photosynthetic capacity, converting more carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy for the plant.

In soybeans, this has consistently resulted in improved oil and protein content while improving the sustainability index of the crop, providing higher value soy for poultry feed.

For Perdue, with its grain and oilseed processing business and poultry production arm, elevating oil and protein content of soybeans is of import.

“As we evaluated our supply chain, it became clear that moving upstream to access better seed genetics could improve value and sustainability in ways other solutions simply could not,” said Perry Aulie, senior vice president of value-added products for Perdue AgriBusiness.

Based on year-over-year results, this novel trait technology continues to uniquely demonstrate improved seed composition without compromising yield, according to ZeaKal.

During the 2021 growing season, leading PhotoSeed soybean events increased oil composition by 12% while increasing protein by 1 point.

As PhotoSeed soy develops, we expect it will be transformative for Perdue across soy processing and specialty oils, while improving the quality of feed. Together with our farmers, we are working toward delivering better carbon capture and overall nutritional composition using the power of the sun.”

Perdue handles approximately 3 million acres’ worth of soybeans per year. Transforming this acreage to PhotoSeed soy is expected to provide a higher value crop for producers.

It will also ensure Perdue has access to beans with improved oil and higher protein in the resulting meal, all while reducing its environmental footprint.

ZeaKal say historically soybean oil has provided about 33% of the value of a bushel of soybeans. It is now anticipated that soybean oil will exceed 50% of the bean’s value due to unprecedented global demand for renewal diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

In 2020, the value of U.S. soybean exports to the world reached a record US$25.7 billion. ZeaKal expects the improved oil and protein from PhotoSeed to add around US$6 billion in value for the soybean crop.

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