UK- Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky arm of Pernod Ricard, has unveiled ambitious plans to invest US$75.25 million in sustainability initiatives, propelling them towards their goal of achieving carbon neutral distillation by the close of 2026.

Chivas Brothers will strategically channel its investment into cutting-edge heat recovery technologies and the installation of electric boilers at viable distilleries.

This commitment aims to significantly diminish the brand’s carbon footprint while ensuring a future-proof inventory management system that meets global demand for its renowned Scotch whiskies.

“The historic highs we’re seeing across our strategic brands signal the success of our premiumisation strategy which has us to outperform the market,” Jean-Etienne Gourgues, Chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers said.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking endeavor the CEO added that the company’s highest growth of the last decade reinforced its position to shape the future of sustainable Scotch.

The monumental announcement came alongside Chivas Brothers’ FY23 financial results, marking their strongest financial performance in a decade with a remarkable 17% growth in net sales.

“The FY23 financial results exemplify a decade-long journey marked by achievements and milestones.”

According to the subsidiary, the impressive growth in net sales not only underscored the brand’s resilience but also highlighted its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Earlier this year, Chivas Brothers took a significant step by making its carbon-reducing technology accessible to the wider industry.

The pivotal move followed the successful integration of the firm’s heat recovery technology at Pernod Ricard’s Glentauchers distillery in Scotland, resulting in a remarkable 53% reduction in carbon emissions at the site.

“We have fast-tracked a number of sustainability initiatives to meet our ambitious targets and remain committed to supporting the industry in ushering in this new era – as we demonstrated earlier this year by making our heat recovery findings open source,” Gourgues added.

Meanwhile, the recent investment will reinforce Chivas Brothers’ dedication to mitigating its environmental impact while crafting exceptional Scotch whiskies that resonate with consumers worldwide.

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