BELGIUM—The Petcurean Pet Nutrition, a Canadian based premium cat and dog food manufacturer has partnered with Belgium-based United Petfoods to expand its manufacturing and presence throughout the European Union.

The partnership, which according to Petcurean, the partnership aligns with increasing consumer demands within the EU for premium pet foods, ensuring secure supply while also advancing product innovation, will see Petcurean gain access to United Petfood’s 17 production facilities in the region.

United Petfood specializes in private labeling dry pet food, wet pet food, treats and snacks. The Belgian family business operates 30 pet food manufacturing facilities in 8 countries and sells in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The partnership will also allow Petcurean to increase distribution by exporting its products to united Petfood’s 80 country strong global consumer market, improve customer service and decrease its global shipping impact by allowing for shorter shipping distances.

“Petcurean is thrilled to be partnering with United Petfood to streamline our premium pet food offerings across Europe,” said Tracey Pham, director of international marketing at Petcurean.

“United Petfood shares the same values of sustainability across business operations, as well as partnerships with customers and suppliers that we value at Petcurean, making this a symbiotic relationship that we look forward to further cultivating.”

Petcurean has ensured that its partnership with United Petfood will prioritize sustainability. The companies will use locally sourced ingredients and raw materials, increase energy and waste efficiency by using windmills and solar panels, and create more sustainable partnerships with suppliers and customers.

“We are also committed to innovative products that use trusted and locally sourced ingredients and implementing a packaging transition with the use of sticker labels to accurately reflect the product in the bag instead of generating unnecessary waste by replacing all existing packaging, among other initiatives,” said Shelly Hein, vice president of operations at Petcurean.

In 2021, Petcurean launched a global refresh of its Now Fresh line. The brand’s new tagline, “Fresh. Simple. Whole. For every size and stage of life.” is well in step with the company’s overall pet food goal, which is to provide top-of-the-line nutrition to dogs and cats no matter their age or health condition. 

The Now Fresh products got a new packaging that emphasizes the advantages of the different recipes. Additionally, Petcurean installed a customized website and ramped up its brand’s social media presence to expand accessibility for both pet parents and retailers.

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