Phone-maker Xiaomi crowdfunding to launch new range of premium beverages, Pingze tea

ASIA – Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics manufacturing firm is carrying out a crowdfunding with an aim to venture into premium drinks segment with new launches of tea drinks from the brand Pingze set for this month.

According to FoodNavigator Asia, Pingze tea drinks has already reached the funding target which stands at around 386% of the amount required.

The new tea range will be launched in four flavors namely green tea, black tea, jasmine tea and oolong tea.

The company said the Pingze tea drinks use 100% real tea leaves without added flavours and artificial colours and preservatives that serves to preserve the natural taste of the teas, including in the production process.

To enhance flavour and aroma, an advanced low-temperature extraction technology obtains the nutrients from the natural tea, retaining more tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids and other contents.

The process also ensures that the original colour and fragrance are retained.

The finished tea is heated at a high temperature of 137°C in a very short heating time, a process which also instantly sterilises the tea without damaging the product then cooled again and bottled.

Before, Xiaomi had announced a range of five different types of Pingze tea on its crowdfunding platform made of high-quality traditional Chinese leaf tea, with the range including (Green) Longjing, (White) An Ji Bai Cha, Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle, White), (Red) Jin Zhai Cui Mei and (Red) Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) teas.

The smartphones firm contributes to developing technologies and brands, including for food and beverage startups through its MioT and Crowdfunding Platform collaborations.

“Since the platform has accumulated more than 2 million users in China alone, the ideas the young brands promote are turned into reality faster,” said the firm.

Aside from Pingze, other food and beverage brands in Xiaomi’s MioT Global Community include Shogoya Confectionery (nuts, dried fruits and snacks), Square Shop (nutritious ingredients and healthy food with natural tastes), Zhiwei Xuan (crispy sweets with a natural nut filling).

It also holds OneWine (Merlot) brand in collaboration with the South Australian Ben Riggs Company.

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