SOUTH AFRICA – Pick n Pay, one of South Africa’s leading retail giants, has partnered with WWF South Africa to intensify its efforts to reduce carbon emissions aiming at achieve its sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The collaboration aims to tackle various environmental challenges, extending well beyond their initial focus on fisheries improvement projects, which began in 2006.

This partnership marks a transformative journey for Pick n Pay, encompassing a broader spectrum of the food system.

The core objective is to address Scope 3 emissions and Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) target-setting across Pick n Pay’s extensive supply chain while simultaneously strategizing to reduce food waste.

According to Vaughan Pierce, Executive of ESG at Pick n Pay, suppliers play a pivotal role in this initiative, and engagement with suppliers is crucial to effectively manage water and climate-related risks.

“By partnering with WWF South Africa, Pick n Pay is committed to empowering its suppliers to navigate water-related risks and implement improved food loss and waste measurement techniques,” he said.

“Together, we embark on a collective journey to curtail carbon emissions within SBTi. This collaboration, over the long term, aspires to leverage the combined strengths of the Pick n Pay Group and WWF to reduce adverse environmental impacts throughout the production and consumption cycles.”

He added that this includes environmental impact reduction within the agricultural supply chain and minimizing food loss and waste, particularly for products such as palm oil.

One of the ambitious targets set by Pick n Pay is to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

Currently, the retailer reports a 28% reduction in food waste. In line with their commitment to sustainability, Pick n Pay is already actively working towards Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction targets.

This includes the implementation of an energy resilience plan, renewable energy adoption, energy efficiency improvements, and the utilization of natural refrigeration technologies.

In addition to these efforts, Pick n Pay’s partnership with WWF South Africa will extend beyond their initial focus on fisheries.

The collaboration will build upon ongoing marine conservation projects within the Marine Programme and explore other avenues to create a more sustainable future.

Justin Smith, Head of Business Development at WWF South Africa, emphasizes the role of corporate engagement in transforming markets and promoting sector-wide shifts towards sustainable development.

 “We’re excited to work with Pick n Pay and their suppliers to make this a reality,” Smith stated.

“By renewing its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility through its partnership with WWF South Africa, Pick n Pay aims to play a pivotal role in addressing climate change and environmental concerns.”