SOUTH AFRICA – Pick n Pay, a South African-based retailer, has contracted the water management solutions provider, Sewtreat, to construct two water projects at its Eastport Logistics Park, in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

Sewtreat has broken ground on the two project sites that involve the implementation of innovative rainwater harvesting and biological water treatment systems, resulting in significant cost savings and impressive payback periods.

By choosing Sewtreat’s rainwater harvesting and biological water treatment systems, analysts say Pick n Pay has achieved remarkable cost savings and payback periods. Additionally, with Sewtreat’s ongoing operation and maintenance services, businesses can achieve significant savings and contribute to a greener future.

The two projects at Pick n Pay Eastport Logistics Park together result in combined yearly savings of over R4.7-million. These savings are substantial and highlight the economic benefits of investing in sustainable water solutions.

The first project is the installation of a rainwater harvesting and treatment system which can collect and treat 300 000 ℓ of rainwater for use in the cooling plant.

The system includes a three-million-liter dam for ample rainwater collection, and a one-million-liter underground sump for clean and safe water storage, and it enables sustainable water use for the cooling plant.

The second system implemented by SewTreat is a biological water treatment system, which processes and reuses over 150 000 ℓ of wastewater from the onsite truck wash bay.

With a “state-of-the-art biological water treatment plant”, the system ensures effective treatment and purification, and the treated wash bay water can be reused on-site, minimizing water consumption.

The system optimizes wastewater treatment, reduces environmental impact, and adheres to regulatory requirements. The system saves over R2.2-million a year and has a payback period of only 14 months.

By using rainwater, Pick n Pay minimizes dependence on expensive municipal water sources, promotes responsible water management, and contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Further, the water conservation impact is equally impressive, with yearly water savings amounting to 238 million litres, which is equivalent to 95 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Alternatively, this volume of water can provide 380 000 households with water.

The installation plays a crucial role in supporting Pick n Pay’s operations in providing a diverse range of grocery products to its customers while maintaining product quality and freshness.

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