NETHERLANDS – FrieslandCampina has released its third annual consumer trend magazine, ‘Shaping the future of nutrition’ which highlights current consumer drivers in the food, beverage and supplements industries in 2023.

The ingredient supplier points out that planet-first nutrition and active ageing are among the prominent trends to be expected in the industry.

According to the magazine, consumers are ‘building trust for planet-first nutrition’ with concern for the planet expected to be observed in consumer habits for the foreseeable future.

Consumers are also becoming increasingly skeptical towards sustainability claims made by companies, the report noted.

“To truly stand out from the crowd, brands will need to bolster trust and credibility to win the faith of consumers, especially when it comes to sustainability,” said Vicky Davies, global marketing director for Performance, Active and Medical Nutrition at FrieslandCampina.

Citing from Mintel and Compare Ethics, the report indicated that nearly 40% of consumers do not expect companies to be open about their environmental impact and that 83% only trust claims verified by a third party.

In its projection, FrieslandCampina highlighted positive nutrition as the second most popular trend for 2023.

Positive nutrition comes in second

According to company people are adding more beneficial food and beverages as a way of turning to ‘positive nutrition’ as a mechanism of dealing with stress and the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumers are seen seeking a sense of balance that will build resilience by removing less nutritious products from their diets and looking for healthy indulgence.

Fortified and nutritious desserts that satisfy both the body and the mind are thus projected to reach new heights in 2023.

Plant-based and alternative proteins take third position in the ranking. With the plant-based industry hitting new milestones, consumers are also seen to increasingly expect high-quality and nutritious products that do more than just replace animal proteins.

The alternative proteins industry is garnering growth but taste and texture are expected to continue reigning supreme as the top drivers of any choices made in the food and beverage industry.

Precision fermentation and other emerging technologies are also expected to continue evolving with manufacturers combining novel ingredients to feed their rapidly growing consumer base.

Gut health and active ageing rise in popularity

On fourth position is gut health. With the growing consumer awareness concerning gut health and gut microbes which support mental health and reduce stress.  The company predicts the emergence of unique formats like teas, shots and fortified gummies that contain gut-friendly ingredients like prebiotics.

Friesland’s fifth trend for 2023 is a shift from the emphasis on “healthy ageing” to “active ageing” which will offer opportunities for brands to develop products that support mobility and balance targeting emerging markets in adult nutrition.

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