ZAMBIA– The organisers of the Africa Food Manufacturing (AFMASS) Conference & Expo Southern Africa edition have announced that bookings for the southern Africa edition of the event set for in Lusaka, Zambia in October this year, is underway.

The event, which will the first food industry conference and expo focused on the food, beverage and milling industry in the Southern Africa region, out of South Africa, is set to ‘revolutionise the region’s food and agro supply chain, leaving a lasting impact on the industry’s future,’ according to the organisers.

“AFMASS Southern Africa being the first food industry focused event in Zambia is a major milestone. The region is rich in agricultural production, with a huge yearning to find ways to improve post-harvest handling, storage, value addition and agro-processing,” says Francis Juma, the head of the organizing committee.

“With surplus grains and other commodities; increasing incomes, urbanization and rising population that is demanding more protein and manufactured goods in the region, the countries in the Southern region have a great opportunity to leap into the future, becoming a major contributor to Africa’s future industrial growth. AFMASS is coming in to catalyse this development in the region’s industry,” he added.

AFMASS Southern Africa will be hosted at the New Government Complex Conference Centre at the middle of the city of Lusaka, Zambia.

The event takes place on October 3-5, 2018, and will bring together key decision makers from Africa’s food manufacturing, retail and foodservice sectors; Government regulators and other stakeholders to discuss the opportunities, challenges and future trends in the industry in the region and beyond.

With 3 days of high-impact conference sessions attended by key top management, technical and operational managers from the region’s food, beverage and milling industry, AFMASS Southern Africa is set to be a game changer in the region’s food and agro supply chain, says Juma.

According to the organisers, FoodWorld Media, who are the publishers of the African industry-focused Food Business Africa magazine, bookings for sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and visitors have been opened for the event.

Juma says that the event is the perfect opportunity for suppliers of processing and milling equipment, packaging solutions, ingredients and chemicals, food safety and laboratory solutions, engineering and industry solutions; consultancy and compliance; supply chain, warehousing, IT and financial services to showcase their innovations to regional food industry players.

“AFMASS Southern Africa gives regional and international suppliers the perfect opportunity to not only discover this region but also to shape the future of the growing industry in Zambia and the region,” says Juma.
He says that stakeholders from the entire food industry space, including the milling, grains and animal feed; dairy, beverages and horticulture; meat, poultry and fish; nuts and oilseeds; baking and snacks; and other processed foods from the region will find AFMASS a very useful event for them to discover, network and be inspired to achieve more in their daily operations.

Over 2000 stakeholders are expected to visit the 3-day conference and expo from more than 20 countries in Africa.

According to the organisers, significant number of attendees has already confirmed to attend the event in Zambia from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa DRC and other countries from Africa and the world.

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