USA – Lunchskins, inventor of the recyclable and sealable paper food storage bags is once again disrupting the sustainable goods marketplace with the launch of industry’s first plastic-free starter kit with long-lasting paper straws.

The new Lunchskins Plastic-Free Starter Kit – said to the the first of its kind in the marketplace – bundles biodegradable paper straws and compostable paper sandwich bags to meet growing consumer demand for convenient, sustainable alternatives to plastic. 

According to the company, the new, long-lasting and biodegradable paper strawsare specially designed and packaged to make it easy for consumers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and rethink their single-use habits. 

The new Lunchskins Plastic-Free Starter Kit features 25 Backyard Compostable/Recyclable Paper Sandwich Bags and 25 Long-Lasting Biodegradable Paper Straws.

Lunchskins says that kit is the first and only one of its kind offered in the marketplace long-lasting and are a game changer for consumers as they can last well over 3 hours in hot or cold drinks.

Developed by request, the Starter Kit gives consumers a jump start on plastic-free living and is a gateway to making other sustainable choices that affect one’s health and the health of our planet. 

Lunchskins claims that the kit’s convenient quantity and affordability are intentional making it an easy choice for anyone looking to reduce their plastic footprint.

“Our company’s mission is to bring awareness to plastic alternatives, fill gaps in the sustainability marketplace, and, simultaneously, fulfill the needs of consumers,” said Kirsten Quigley, CEO and Founder of Lunchskins.

“People want portability, affordability, and accessibility from sustainable products, but they also want something that functions well. Our new products tick all of those boxes.”

Lunchskins will be available in early 2020 nationwide including in Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Target, Amazon, Container Store, and others.