ITALY – Leading essential oil supplier, Prinova is teaming up with Agrumaria Reggina, one of the largest citrus-based essential oil and juice manufacturers in Italy. 

Prinova partnership with Agrumaria Reggina will make Prinova the exclusive distributor of Agrumaria’s essential oils in US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia and Asia Pacific.

The partnership will give Agrumaria expanded sales and marketing reach for their essential oil line to fulfill growing demand for “true-to-fruit” experiences in the flavor and fragrance, food and beverage industries. 

The companies said that the offering will consist primarily of essential oils derived from orange, lemon, blonde/blood orange, mandarin, clementine and bergamot, all sourced exclusively from Italy.

By applying their proprietary cold-press technology to these crops, Agrumaria says that it looks to deliver on authentic organoleptic properties sought out by consumers.

Bill Palagonia, General Manager of Prinova Aromas comments on the trends: “Consumers expectations of natural ingredients are evolving. 

“The demand for a ‘true to fruit’ flavor and aroma experience is increasing.  Flavor and Fragrance houses are looking more for quality, purity and traceability in their essential oil supply chain to capitalize on these trends. 

“Agrumaria’s product line fits this bill perfectly and we’re excited to begin offering it to our customer base.”

Through their partnership with Prinova, Agrumaria is expected to access to a global distribution network, expanding the reach of these offerings. 

“We are extremely excited to start this collaboration with Prinova as we look to establish a global sales presence for our essential oil offering. Felice Cherico, Sales and Marketing Director of Agrumaria commented.

“Our passion for citrus fruits has been inspiring our activities for more than 35 years. Our Flavor & Fragrance customers will only benefit from it!” We are very excited to partner with Prinova and build a long and fruitful relationship!”

Prinova is part of Nagase Group, a Japanese chemical trading firm. Nagase acquires the based food ingredient manufacturer and distributor in August last year as part of Nagase’s quest of expanding its operational scale and enable the company to pursue new business opportunities around the world.