FINLAND – A new study by DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has revealed a positive correlation between intestinal microbiota composition and physical activity among athletes.

The study which evaluating clinical evidence on the interaction between gut microbiota and physical activity adds to mounting evidence of the health benefits of the human microbiome.

Nutritional habits of athletes has been a highly researched topic, especially in the areas of training, performance and post-exercise recovery.

However, DuPoint notes that the role of intestinal microbiota in physical performance is less understood prompting the evaluation of existing clinical evidence on the topic and review of the relationship between gut bacteria and athlete health.

Results of the study showed that athlete gut microbiota is associated with increased microbial diversity and that physical exercise promoted beneficial changes in the gut microbiota composition even in people who are sedentary.

“Our gut bacteria play a key role in our overall health. It’s not surprising then, that it would also play a role in determining our physical ability.”

Dr. Maija Marttinen – scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.

DuPont notes that probiotics have strain-specific potential to reduce gastrointestinal and respiratory tract symptoms and infections, helping athletes to train and compete healthily.

According to DuPoint, Probiotics can also support athletic performance by enhancing training adaptations and have beneficial effects on physiological responses during post-exercise recovery periods.

DuPont is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials, ingredients and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life.

Through the use of cutting-edge biotechnology, DuPount advances bio-based solutions to meet the needs of a growing population, while protecting our environment for future generations.

The company says that it applies expert science to advance market-driven, healthy and sustainable solutions for the food, beverage, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

“We are always looking to conduct, gather, and analyze all the evidence of the benefits of probiotic supplementation” stated Dr. Johanna Maukonen, global health & nutrition science R&D.

“As leaders in the field of human health, it’s important to continue to push for more high quality clinical studies to continue to uncover the roles gut microbiotaand probiotics play in physical performance and the exact modes of actions behind their potential benefits.”

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