Promasidor Nigeria launches Sun Vita cereal in the market to expand portfolio

NIGERIA – Consumer goods manufacturer, Promasidor Nigeria has introduced a zip-lock packaged ready-to-go cereal Sun Vita, expanding its range cereals in the market.

According to the company, the new range is suited for mothers and others working on tight schedules as it is easy to prepare to meet their daily health and nutritional requirements.

SunVita is a product of a four-year incubation designed to address the needs of consumers who need a quick, convenient meal that can be taken as a formal meal at home or as an energy boosting snack during the day.

The cereal does not need cooking, which requires time and energy.

“At Promasidor Nigeria, we understand the constraint on time; 24 hours are no longer enough for individuals to complete their daily routines, have fun and rest.

Since we cannot increase the number of hours we have to work and play, we must continue to explore better ways of managing time.

This is one of the ideas behind SunVita,” said Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Anders Einarsson.

“It’s unique, it’s a tremendous work of research and development.

More than 75% of the ingredients are locally sourced. This is to deepen the agricultural value chain.

“We will not only do employment as we expand, but job creation in the financial market. The product is designed to meet the key feature of convenience.”

He said that 75% of the raw materials used in the product are locally sourced,reflecting the company’s robust backward integration programme.

The programme aims to contribute to the growth of agricultural value chain while diversifying Nigeria’s mono-economy.

This will translate to more direct and indirect jobs for the youths as it will increase activities in agricultural value chain.

SunVita is fortified with Nutri-V and encompasses a unique blend of zinc, calcium, iron and vitamins.

It is a tasty, healthy cereal that also helps children grow smarter and stronger so that they can function at their best every day.

President,Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Dr. Bartholomew Brai, commented on the nutritional contents of SunVita, saying it would help in the cognitive development of children.

“I am happy that this product is meant for both children and adults. It is not healthy to skip breakfast.

With this ready-to-go cereal, this challenge is addressed,” said Brai.

Promasidor Nigeria, which started operations in Nigeria in 1993, is a leader in dairy, beverage, seasoning market and makes products such as Cowbell Milk, Loya Milk,Miksi Milk, Onga seasoning, Top Tea.

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