Puratos leverages digital tools to help bakers cut environmental impact, Kerry saves 34.5 billion loaves of bread annually

FRANCE – Bakery solutions supplier Puratos is exploring the use of digital technology to help bakery industry players reduce their environmental impact.

The company through its corporate venture arm Sparkalis has teamed up with French foodTech startup Glimpact to create a joint venture (JV) to make this goal possible.

According to a report by Bakery and Snacks, the JV will roll out the first digital platform to evaluate and reduce the environmental footprint of the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry.

Glimpact is the creator of the platform, also called Glimpact, while Sparkalis will provide scalable support.

The digital platform is the first tech to model the Product Environmental Footprint and will allow bakers, chocolatiers and pâtissiers – along with allied stakeholders – to assess, understand and reduce the environmental footprint of their products.

The dynamic tool provides insight into the actions needed to make products more sustainable, allowing producers to choose the best raw materials, processes and suppliers, and to work on all stages of its lifecycle.

It provides easy access to the PEF method and taps the French startup’s team of experts in environmental performance, data processing and big data to radically change the industry’s environmental footprint.

“Through this dedicated platform, bakery, patisserie and chocolate businesses will be able to discover how exactly their products impact the environment and, most importantly, have the right tools to reduce that impact. This is where the true ecological transition of the industry begins,” said Christophe Girardier, president and CEO of Glimpact.

Kerry saves 34.5 billion loaves of Bread  

If the world reversed the current trend of food loss and waste, we could protect enough resources to feed three times the amount of undernourished people on the planet today.

Kerry, the global taste and nutrition company has revealed that its solutions save about 34.5 billion loaves of bread by extending their shelf life.

The company revealed this while unveiling its Food Estimator digital tool aimed at helping both consumers and producers reduce unnecessary waste.

The tool allows participants to quantify and understand the financial and environmental impact of reducing food waste both in the food chain and at home.

The Estimator provides info on the number of additional people that could be fed, as well as the amount of carbon dioxide and water that would be saved by making a few, simple changes.

 It also incorporates Too Good to Go – the world’s largest food saving app for consumers – and enables food manufacturers to determine the impact they can have by using shelf life extension tech.

The launch comes as the world celebrates the World Food Day with so much to do in terms of preventing food waste and helping feed millions of people who are currently food insecure.

The United Nations (UN) estimates a third of all food produced is wasted despite the appalling fact that as many as 829 million people worldwide go to bed hungry each night.

“If the world reversed the current trend of food loss and waste, we could protect enough resources to feed three times the amount of undernourished people on the planet today,” said Bert de Vegt, global VO for Food Protection & Preservation at Kerry.

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