ASIA – The world’s leading producer of stevia sweeteners, PureCircle has announced that it has received approval for expanded use and applications of its next generation stevia leaf sweetener, Reb M in Singapore.

The approval allows PureCircle to market the stevia leaf ingredient to food and beverage companies in Singapore for production of zero- and low-calorie products.

Stevia sweeteners address the growing global demand for low-calorie sweeteners even as consumers moves to healthier, plant-based alternatives.

With its stevia sweeteners, which are plant-based and non-GMO certified, PureCircle has embarked on innovation to increase its capacity in supplying the ingredients around the globe.

The Reb M stevia leaf sweetener will be officially launched at Restaurant Asia in Singapore, where the company will also highlight its participation in the 2022 mission to help eliminate 150 billion calories from the Singapore diet by replacing 10% per capita sugar consumption with stevia.

“Singapore’s approval to expand the use and application our Reb M stevia leaf sweetener enables us to even better capitalize on the growth opportunities in Asia created by our innovation and by the increasing demand for new generation stevia ingredients,” said PureCircle CEO Maga Malsagov.

It enables us to even better serve our customers by providing them with the best-tasting stevia leaf sweeteners and flavors at scale and cost effectively.”

According to PureCircle, there are several factors driving demand for its proprietary stevia sweeteners including high demand for sugar reduction from a consumer perspective and regulatory agencies around the world calling for sugar reformulation across food and beverage categories.

New generation stevia leaf sweeteners such as Reb M allow great tasting experiences without the calories of sugar.

The company last year said it had expanded its capacity to supply significantly more Reb M to global beverage and food companies.

It recently unveiled plans to begin commercial production and sale of new stevia ingredients including proteins, soluble fibers and antioxidants in 2019.