EUROPE – Quintessential Brands has opened a new US$11.3 million (Euros 10 million) distillery facility in Dublin to strengthen its position in the production of Irish Whisky brands.

The facility is part of its The Dublin Liberties Distillery unit and will produce The Dubliner and Liberties brands with the lead of master distiller Darryl McNally.

According to the company, the production process involves traditional distillation practices with the latest in modern technologies and features a natural spring water source on site to be used in the distilling process.

The new distillery also features a cocktail bar and a visitor’s center to provide customers with great-tasting experiences.

“Making whiskey is my passion, my lifeblood, and to be doing it in the heart of Dublin’s historic distilling district is nothing short of a dream come true for me,” said McNally.

“I believe the future for Irish whiskey is in innovation and pushing the boundaries – and that’s what I’ll be working with the team here to deliver the best Irish whiskey you could have the luck of getting on your lips.

We’re inspired by the past, but not bound by it, and can’t wait to show the world just how diverse Irish whiskey can be.”

In 2017, Quintessential sold a 25% stake in its Irish whiskey business to Stock Spirits to help fund the Dublin Liberties Distillery.

In addition to US$11.3 million capital raised from Wells Fargo, Quintessential Brands secured a total of US$20 million (EUR 18.3 million).

The UK-based group, which also owns a range of Irish creams and liqueurs brands as well as a production and bottling facility in Abbeyleix, Co Laois, acquired its whiskey brands from Dublin Whiskey Co, along with the Liberties site, in 2016.

“It is also fantastic to be partnering with a company of Stock Spirits’ calibre.

Their involvement will also provide an opportunity for the brands to expand further into new regions such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Right now, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the team’s achievement in building this fantastic distillery but with much more to come from us this year, I believe this is the year the Dublin Liberties Distillery makes its mark on the Irish whiskey category,” said Shane Hoyne, chief marketing officer for Quintessential Brands.