NIGERIA – Raedial Farms, a Nigerian company engaged in palm oil production and livestock farming, has partnered with Compagnie Fruitière, a French company specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables in a bid to strengthen bilateral trade between Nigeria and France.

The partnership, formalized on November 23 during the 2023 edition of French Week in Nigeria, aims to foster cooperation in the agricultural sector and leverage opportunities for mutual growth.

As part of this strategic collaboration, Raedial Farms commits to engaging in the commercial production and processing of fruits, specifically targeting export markets with a focus on pineapples and bananas.

Compagnie Fruitière, on the other hand, will bring its extensive expertise in horticultural product production and utilize its established marketing network in both Europe and the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific region.

Officials from both companies highlighted that this partnership goes beyond just trade; it also aims to enhance cultivation techniques, improve product quality, and champion sustainability practices.

“The focus will be on operational efficiency, ensuring that both entities contribute positively to the agricultural sector.”

Uwadiale Agenmonmen, Managing Director of Raedial Farms, expressed the significance of this collaboration in contributing to the growth of agricultural relations between France and Nigeria.

He emphasized the vital role large-scale agriculture plays in the overall agricultural landscape, underlining the potential impact of this partnership.

Raedial Farms, established in 2010 and based in Benin City, Edo State, currently operates a substantial oil palm plantation spanning over 2,300 hectares.

“This collaboration not only expands the company’s portfolio into fruit production but also positions it for international trade and cooperation.”

Dr Usman Ibrahim, President-in-Council of the Horticultural Society of Nigeria, highlighted the importance of horticulture in addressing food security challenges.

“Fruits, vegetables, and spices are key components in ensuring the health and well-being of communities,” he noted.

“Sustainable horticultural production becomes crucial in producing nutritious foods, mitigating environmental impacts, conserving natural resources, and promoting healthy ecosystem services.”

He also emphasized the threats posed by climate change, environmental degradation, and stagnating yields to crop production and global food security.

The collaboration between Raedial Farms and Compagnie Fruitière aligns with the emerging priority for sustainable horticultural production, reflecting a commitment to addressing these challenges on both a local and global scale.

As policymakers and international development partners increasingly recognize the importance of sustainable agricultural practices, partnerships like the one between Raedial Farms and Compagnie Fruitière showcase the potential for positive change and innovation in the agricultural sector.