ZIMBABWE – International retail giant Pick n Pay has opened a new branch in Zimbabwe as it continues to pursue ambitions of growing its footprint in the country by launching more stores.

Located in Victoria Falls, officials disclosed that the branch raises the tally of outlets operated by TM Pick n Pay to 55 countrywide, while targeting to increase the number of the stores to 60 in the foreseeable future, reports NewsDay.

“Pick n Pay (South Africa) has been in partnership with TM Supermarkets for over 30 years now and it has been a very fruitful and successful partnership.

We are happy that this is the partnership that has finally given us this magnificent store in Victoria Falls.

It is interesting to note that we have accelerated the expansion in Zimbabwe since 2014 and our main aim is to give the shoppers a feel, look and shopping experience they can cherish.

This is the push factor we have as a business and the shops that you see right across Zimbabwe can attest to what we yearn for as a company,” said Malcom Mycroft, Managing Director Pick n Pay Zimbabwe.

Mycroft said that the firm had sufficiently invested in the store to ensure convenience as well as introduction of new products to give shoppers a one stop shopping experience.

“We have had to close the other shop that we were operating before. We are of the view that this spacious offering has a lot more to offer the shoppers. There is a lot of shopping convenience here and there are many products on offer.

That is the way we would like to be identified in the shopping sector; standing out above the rest because of the products we offer,” he added.

Mycroft noted that Pick n Pay, which opened its first branch in Zimbabwe in 2012, will continue investing in the country owed to stronger performance from its retail operations in the country.

Pick n Pay reached an agreement to extending its shareholding in Zimbabwe’s TM Supermarkets, bringing its entire shareholding to 49% as well as assuming management control of the operation, but maintaining the branding of the supermarket chain.

Meikles Limited, parent company TM Supermarkets, is the shareholding partner.

The retail giant operates 1685 stores across the seven African countries and has unveiled plans of launching its business in Nigeria.