USA – Russell Stover Chocolates, the top manufacturer of boxed chocolates in the US is making several changes to the production, retail and distribution networks to align its operations with the changing consumer needs across North America.

“Having been in business since 1923, we know the importance of keeping pace with the changing tastes and preferences of the people who buy our chocolates,” said Andy Deister, Russell Stover CEO.

“Just as consumers change their preferred flavor or package, they’re changing the way they shop for our products, and we’re making sure we have the infrastructure to deliver on their expectations.”

Layoffs and new jobs in the pipeline

Following a strong fiscal year 2019, Russell Stover plans to expand facilities in Corsicana in Texas, and Abilene and Iola, KS, aiming to add approximately 300 jobs in total in these three locations.

The company said that this will occur in conjunction with the closing of the Montrose, Colorado location in the spring of 2021.

Russell Stover will also be closing select low-traffic stores over the course of the next year and continue consolidating its logistics operations with the Lindt & Sprüngli North American (LSNA), which began in 2018.

However, this is subsequently going to result to the closure of the Cookeville, Tennessee, and Butler, Missouri, distribution and fulfillment centers later this year.

The company will transfer of the Cookeville Fulfillment Center to the Russell StoverPlant in Corsicana, Texas.

The changes are expected to affect approximately 400 positions across the country and a number will be substantially offset by planned additions of approximately 300 positions at the expanded facilities in Kansas and Texas.