SA Breweries awards liquor traders with development certificates

SOUTH AFRICA – South African Breweries (SAB), Johannesburg-headquartered subsidiary of AB InBev has awarded licensed liquor traders with the Retailer Development Programme (RDP) certificates.

This follows a successful training period which aim to provide the traders with skills necessary to grow their businesses, reports Africa News Agency.

More than 150 licenced liquor traders based in Tembisa, Mamelodi and Sebokeng were the beneficiaries of the programme developed and facilitated by SAB and AB InBev Africa.

The RDP equips retailers with business, financial and infrastructure skills training, and provide practical knowledge on how to help increase their business profits.

It also helps retailers to grow their businesses and become role models for responsible trading discouraging harm caused by the misuse of alcohol within communities.

“We wish you the best and we hoping that the skills you learnt from the program will help you grow your business,” said SAB Vice President of Procurement and Sustainability David Hauxwell at the awards ceremony held in Brynston, Gauteng.

The program also seeks to impact skills to small business owners to run their business in a way that helps them to grow.

A similar event was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), also a subsidiary of AB InBev awarded liquor traders with the development certificates.

Under the RDP, a total of 167 licensed liquor traders based in five sales districts in Dar es Salaam, in Temeke, Kinondoni, Kigamboni, Ilala and Ubungo were trained.

TBL Trade Marketing Manager, Edith Bebwa said the training program was continuation of company support to the group as it delivers products to consumers, with the TBL Group committed to improving the way the group is doing business.

Carlos Bernitt, the director of AB InBev East Africa Route to Market who attended the event said: “Thriving small businesses are the backbone of local communities and economies.”

According to him, since the RDP was introduced it has enabled small businesses step in for TBL in supply, growing sales, reducing risks and building a long-term consumer base.

RDP enables small business owners to grow their outlets and profits but ensure their businesses are sustainable for longer and able to compete with the ever-growing large distribution chains.

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