NIGERIA – Herfy Food Services, a major fast-food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia, has expanded its business horizon into Africa with the launch of two franchise brands in Abuja, Nigeria.

These points of sale will be managed by the local EatRide Company, which signed an agreement in 2021 with the restaurant chain.

Herfy’s two new branches in Nigeria will offer a variety of high-quality fast-food options, including burgers, fries, sandwiches, and many more.

The two outlets are part of Eat Right Food Services’ plan to open 50 Herfy branches in Nigeria over the next ten years.

With this launch, Herfy Foods has strategically joined other players already present in the Nigerian food services market, such as Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and Pizza Hut, tapping into the potential of the African market.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with a rapidly growing middle class and high demand for fast food.

Two months ago, the Association of Fast-Food Confectioners of Nigeria (AFFCON) stated that Nigeria’s organized fast-food industry is estimated at N250 billion (US$602.5 million) and has been growing at a 10% annual rate in recent years.

AFFCON averred that increased urbanization, a growing working class, adoption of digital innovation, and changing consumer lifestyles have been identified as key factors driving sustainability and growth in the country’s QSR sector, adding that other drivers include Nigeria’s booming tourism and hospitality sector, technology adoption, and increasing demand for new flavors.

It maintained that as key Nigerian cities swell with a growing middle class, and Gen Z and millennials, unique demographic groups with different palates, tastes, and inclinations to eat out, new opportunities open up for QSR owners to provide differentiated offerings for these booming customer markets.

With even greater demand for fast food expected in the coming years, Herfy Foods is positioning itself to capitalize on this growth.

Additionally, the company hopes to be a big economic contributor to Nigeria by creating job opportunities for the local people.

The QSR services in Nigeria are evolving so fast; implementing technological trends, such as payment methods that make it simple for clients to make payments using Point of Sale (PoS) systems; and introducing new packages to fit broad budgets.

The PoS systems help improve accessibility, and convenience, and aid QSRs in aligning with existing cashless policies.

The association noted that for the QSRs to improve their menus; they need innovation around their offerings and customized solutions that are tailored to the unique palates and experiences of their customers.

It highlights that customers today are developing new tastes and inclinations to eat out,providing an opportunity for quick-service restaurants.

“Every QSR must prioritize consistency and quality if it wants to succeed in the long run. Customers can expect the same level of consistent, high-quality service each time they enter a restaurant. This boosts consumer confidence in the brand and may greatly affect the entire enterprise,” AFFCON said.

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