UK – Scotbeef, privately owned fresh meat company has received a US$4.93 million grant funding from the European Union (EU) and Scottish government to be used in building a new processing facility.

The grant will be delivered under the Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation (FPMC) scheme, a part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (2014-20).

Scotbeef has committed a US$20.98 million investment to fund a new abattoir and processing facility and the award contributes greatly to the project.

The new abattoir and meat production facility at Thainstone Business Park in Inverurie was projected to enhance production efficiency, latest environmental waste treatment, transport synergies and meet North East of Scotland’s beef needs.

“As a fourth-generation family company, with quality Scottish meat products at its heart, we are extremely pleased that this exciting development will secure the future of meat processing in the north east of Scotland for many years to come, providing security for the farmer producers who supply us and for our skilled local workforce,” said Robbie Galloway, Scotbeef managing director.

He noted that the award will allow Scotbeef to move to new state-of-the art premises on the outskirts of Inverurie, while safeguarding jobs and allowing the company to continue to offer a vital service to Scotland’s livestock producers but particularly those in the north east.

It builds on the company’s reputation as a land of food and drink, at the same time revive its continued to help both small and large food and drink companies.

ANM Group, a holder of 25% stake in Scotbeef is spearheading the construction of the facility at the new site.

The group has contributed significantly in boosting the local and national economy, the facilities is part of the cooperative’s finances in Scotland totalling US$4.95 billion.