INDIA – BrewDog, a multinational craft brewer and pub chain based in Scotland, has unveiled plans of expanding into India with the opening of 35 pubs and the launch of several bottled beer brands.

According to an ET Retail report, BrewDog plans to initially open 22 tap beers and three commercial ones, including its flagship brand Punk IPA and a wheat beer brewed specifically for the country.

BrewDog sees a clear opportunity in India, a market that has recorded rapid growth in the craft beer space, increasing the number of craft microbreweries from just two to more than 170 outlets within the past ten years.

“India has a young population, low penetration of alcohol in terms of drinking population and you have the craft beer revolution which is starting to take shape,” said Siddharth Rastogi, CEO of BrewDog India.

“This is how craft beer scene exploded in the US two decades ago when there were only 300 breweries but has expanded to 8,500 breweries now.”

The move is part of the brewer’s wider strategy to grow its global network from 100 bars now to 750 bars by 2024.

“We are looking to invest across brewing bars, distribution and setting up the right kind of infrastructure to bring in certain discipline into the market in terms and hoping to create a big business,” Rastogi said.

BrewDog recently opened the BrewDog AF Bar, the world’s first alcohol free beer bar.

The bar opened in central London and will be the first of the company’s global bars to feature a line-up solely devoted to drinks without alcohol. It will be offering 15 taps of draft alcohol-free craft beer.

With 24% of beer drinkers choosing more low or no-alcohol options – according to a Mintel, UK Beer Market Report launched in 2018 – the brewery is piloting the new concept for its bar division, with a view to rolling it out across the UK and into Europe.

BrewDog has also unveiled a bold new visual identity, and a renewed purpose dubbed ‘BrewDog Tomorrow’  – a plan that outlines bold actions and BrewDog’s commitment to ensuring that “we have a planet to make beer for in the future.”

As part of the plan, BrewDog pledged an upcycling revolution in which the brewer will refill old cans from any brand with craft beer and encourage home brewing to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation.

The company also added that its BrewDog Tomorrow Fund will invest an additional £1 million a year to support research and initiatives that help the brewing industry to have a positive impact on the world as well as charitable initiatives chosen by their crewmembers and shareholders.

In addition to unveiling its new visual identity, BrewDog has also outlined its plans to launch an array of new beers to bring more individuality to its four international breweries, 101 bars and existing beer range.