USA — Scoular has announced it will begin producing bypass protein products for its new partner, Papillon Agricultural Co, a venture that will see dairy farmers in the Pacific Northwest soon have access to this feed.

Papillon is a Maryland-based agricultural company that develops and produces premium nutritional products for dairy consultants, feed suppliers, and dairy producers nationwide.

Papillon’s protein blends provide concentrated, highly digestible bypass protein. Marketed under the brand Gemini proteins, they represent the latest technology in amino acid nutrition.

They balance for the next limiting amino acid allowing nutritionists to move beyond the constraints of balancing for just lysine and methionine, advance herd nutrition, and support production performance.

Bypass protein is a dietary fat that resists lipolysis and biohydrogenation in the rumen but gets digested in the lower digestive tract. It’s a processed dry fat that is easily mixed into animal feed. 

Papillon manufactures these proteins in New York, Indiana and Wisconsin. Now, through partnering with Scoular production will expand into the Pacific Northwest.

Scoular provides reliable and diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, food ingredients, animal feed ingredients and pet food ingredients.

This company’s manufacturing expertise and knowledge of the local dairy and feed markets has seen it grow to over US$6 billion in sales and this know-how is also why Papillon has chosen to partner with it.

Papillon is excited to provide tools to the marketplace that fit the nutritional and milk market objectives of the Pacific Northwest dairy industry,” said David Briggs, president of Papillon Agricultural Co.

“Papillon has a long history of delivering high quality products and services to dairy customers,” said Andy Hohwieler, Scoular regional manager. “We are excited to be partnering with them to deliver these products to the region.”

The products will be available to Scoular customers and regional feed manufacturers for inclusion in feed mixes for dairy. Cory Doggett has recently joined Papillon as Northwest regional sales manager and will facilitate sales throughout the region.

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