Seba Foods Malawi recalls soya product over quality concerns

MALAWI – Seba Foods Malawi Limited, a subsidiary of Vamara Group, said it has deployed a team to withdraw the ‘Golden Goodness Tasty Soya’ with the labels 061818A and 061218A from the market following quality concerns of the product.

According to a report by Malawi News Agency, the efforts follows concerns raised by the Competition and Fair-Trading Commission (CFTC) on the safety of the product which Seba Foods attributed to fungus contamination.


However, according to James Parkin, the company’s General Manager, this was the first time the company experienced contaminated products on the shelves adding that Seba Foods was committed to ensuring consumer safety through the products.

“We have communicated widely through a press release and we will continue to inspect the product and replace the substandard product.

“We are also conducting an extensive root cause analysis to identify all causes of this quality issue and take all necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of this issue,” said Parkin.

Recently, the company rebranded a chain of its products including the Golden Goodness Soya with introduction of additional flavours.


Speaking during the relaunch ceremony, Vamara Group Brand Manager, Bongisipho Manqele noted that the relaunch also comes as part of the company’s efforts to modernize both the products and its packaging.

“Golden Goodness Soya Mince is a delicious blend of the finest food ingredients and flavours, resulting in a tasty, highly nutritious food enjoyed by millions of African consumers of all backgrounds.

It is also easy to prepare as it lends itself to a great variety of recipes, simple or exotic

Made out of textured vegetable protein. A versatile food, soya mince can be used in any recipe that calls for ground beef or any other type of ground meat, making the dish suitable for vegetarians or vegans and reducing the fat and calories of traditional dishes,” she said.

The Vamara Group, parent company of Seba Foods Malawi, is a fast moving consumer goods company with operations across Africa, United Kingdom and select European countries.


In Africa, Vamara currently runs manufacturing and processing of pasta, noodles, rice, savoury snacks, spreads and condiments in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

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