KENYA – Selina Wamucii, a Kenyan agricultural company and social enterprise that markets produce from Africa’s smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishing communities, has announced that it is opening up its platform to organized farmers groups and cooperatives across the continent to sell or export directly to markets worldwide.

The Selina Wamucii platform helps businesses from anywhere in the world to easily source, buy or import food & agricultural produce from any African country by simplifying sourcing, payments, and logistics while guaranteeing trust for buyers and producers.

The platform now integrates with cooperatives, farmers groups, agro-processors and other organizations that work directly with family farmers including smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishing communities to form a valuable link to markets around the world.

“Selina Wamucii now welcomes farmer groups, associations, processors and cooperatives based in any African country to sign up by visiting and start selling their produce directly to a large selection of interested buyers from around the world who are already using our platform”, said John Oroko, the company’s CEO.

Farmers can sell directly on the Selina Wamucii platform as registered, organized groups. The platform enables farmers to control the entire process from growing, harvesting to supplying directly to local markets right in their countries, within Africa (intra-Africa) or even export directly by themselves to any market worldwide.

Among the requirements for farmers to sign up is that the farmers need to be organized in groups of active members with the group having a clear leadership structure in place.

“At Selina Wamucii, we believe all farmers and other producers should be seamlessly connected to markets anywhere in the world regardless of geographical limitations, size of farm, facilities or resources.”

The platform uses technologies including artificial intelligence, data, and algorithms to streamline the extremely fragmented agricultural supply chains across entire Africa.

“Our platform is now accessible to farmers in every corner of the African continent who will now be able to easily take to market a wide range of Africa’s food & agricultural produce,” concluded John.

At present, 52% of all purchase enquiries on the platform originate from African countries.