Sensient acquires GlobeNatural to expand color business

USA – Sensient Technologies Corp, a maker of colors, flavors and fragrances has announced that it has acquired GlobeNatural at an undisclosed sum in a move to expand its color business.

The transaction to acquire Lima, Peru based natural food and ingredient maker is expected to close in the first quarter as the company seeks to strengthen its brand in South America.

GlobeNatural sources and processes high quality raw materials from Lima’s capital city Peru to supply natural foods and food ingredients to the becoming diverse food and beverage industry.

Sensient will assume GlobeNatural’s operations and will involve in sourcing and processing raw materials including cochineal derivatives, annatto derivatives, turmeric derivatives, anthocyanins and chlorophyll for natural colouring.

The company will operate the newly acquired business under the name Sensient Natural Colors Peru S.A.C.

Sensient aims to carry on a 25-year legacy carried by GlobeNatural in a way that will foster a breakthrough in the growing natural foods sector.

A collaboration between the two means that Sensient is now in a good position to offer an expanded portfolio of products ranging from colors, flavors and fragrances applied in foods and beverages, cosmetics, inkjet and specialty inks and colors, and specialty chemicals.

“This acquisition is an important component of our ‘seed to shelf’ initiative in food colors.

Eighty percent of food products launched globally use natural colors and colouring foodstuffs and we anticipate that this market will continue to grow.

We will continue to innovate and expand our natural color supply chain portfolio,” said Paul Manning, chairman and chief executive officer of Sensient Technologies.

The company continues to invest in the natural foods sector to march the health and wellness trend in America.

Sensient is committed in developing diverse taste profiles through technologies that allow for natural, non-GMO products that putting in consideration allergic effects that come with customer needs.

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