SOUTH AFRICA – The SA retailer Shoprite and Checkers have called on customers for a refund of recalled products from Enterprise and Rainbow amidst a Listeriosis outbreak scare in the country.

The customers were required to return the processed cold meat products and Rainbow Chicken polony for a full refund.

As reported by fin24, the outbreak had killed 180 persons while 1,000 others were hospitalized as on March 4, 2018.

The retailer said that it was accepting products in their original packaging even if it had been opened and proof of purchase was not required.

However, the refund bid did not involve Shoprite Group’s house brand and private label cold meats, sold under the Housebrand, Ritebrand and Farmer’s Deli brand names, since Shoprite and Checkers’ own brands in this category are not manufactured by these two suppliers.

Following the announcement that linked the listeria monocytogenes ST6 strain to Enterprise Foods’ manufacturing plants, supermarkets in the Shoprite Group removed and isolated all affected Enterprise processed cold meats and Rainbow Chicken polony from its fridges and delis.

Shoprite added that it was willing to corporate with the health ministry in order to alleviate the Listeriosis outbreak.

By working closely with the Department of Health over the past months, the Shoprite Group instituted an enhanced monitoring plan on top of its regular independent audits of store food preparation areas.

To help further in containing the situation, Shoprite said it has a well-developed risk assessment programme in place that confirms the adherence to food safety and hygiene protocols in its supermarkets.