SOUTH AFRICA – Checkers, a South African FMCG retailer owned by Shoprite has launched Ready to Chef meal kits aimed at making cooking at home much easier, a report by IOL reveals.

The meal kits, first for South African retailers have been developed by chefs and each meal kit has fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, a step-by-step recipe card and a QR code a how-to video.

The company said the development which took a period of over 6 months places a huge focus on increasing the range and quality of their convenience offering.

“The Ready to Chef meal kits were specifically developed to enable time-pressed consumers to make delicious, yet effort-free dinners at home,” said Checkers.

Developed and curated by chefs, the new range utilized sixteen different meal kits selected based on taste, quality and value.

The meal kit is perfectly portioned for two people allowing consumers to improve the way that they handle their food waste at home, available in stores in four different recipes including a vegetarian option.

Various options include Butter chicken curry with rotis, Cauliflower cottage pie, Asian beef and sesame seed salad, Mushroom, pea and mint risotto, Beef stroganoff with zucchini spaghetti, Sweet and sour pork with jasmine rice, Biltong nicoise salad, Sweet potato and lentil dahl curry with buttered naan (vegetarian).

According to the company, the meal kits will be available at Checkers and Checkers Hyper supermarkets across the country from Wednesday, 23rd August 2018.

Checkers is the first South African supermarket to enter the meal kit space, which has become increasingly popular among time-pressed consumers looking to cook effort-free dinners at home.

Meal kit market aims at offering convenient and affordable ready-to-cook meals to consumers looking for a more simplistic and streamlined culinary experience.

According to Business Insider, local trend leaders, UCook, who launched operations three years ago from a garage, are now delivering close to 100 000 meals a month with a turnover of US$5.50mn expected by the end of this year.