SWITZERLAND – SIG Combibloc has entered into a partnership with Amcor, multinational packaging company in a commitment to source 100% of its direct materials from only certified sources.

According to the company, this collaboration with the producer of flexible and rigid packaging seeks to ensure responsible aluminium sourcing steered towards the performance standard of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)

ASI brings together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain with an initiative to maximising the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society.

Amcor being one of SIG’s main supplies for Aluminium in Europe, complements SIG’s WAY BEYOND GOOD approach, a way that helps people to grow, promote sustainable lifestyles, promote better supply chain by sourcing only from certified suppliers.

Under ASI performance standard, SIG puts in regard, main sustainability risks, energy use, impacts of bauxite ore on greenhouse gases, water pollution and production waste.

Through a recently launched Certification programme for Aluminium value chain, the company focuses on responsible production, sourcing and stewardship.

Amcor and SIG will work together to reduce impacts of aluminium production, create long term consensus on standards.

“Our aim is clear. This is not a pass/fail exercise, but a collaborative approach to share industry best practices and ensure we are at the forefront of sourcing aluminium foil that will meet or surpass the ASI performance standards, ensuring continuous environmental improvement as well as best in class ethical practices,” said Dr Christian Bauer, Manager Environmental Affairs and product related sustainability of SIG.

Together, they’ll bring visibility over their supply chain, build capacity, help stakeholders through pilot audits and deliver value and benefits for all.

In 2018, they plan to achieve ASI certification, something that will put them at the forefront of offering packaging with responsibly sourced aluminium foil.

The company is focusing on three core areas in which it can do the most for society and the environment, with responsibility at the centre of this: how SIG runs the company, sources its materials, and manufactures its products.