SWITZERLAND – Aseptic packaging solutions provider, SIG Combibloc Group has developed aseptic cartons with ASI-certified aluminium foil to meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

The new cartons were developed in partnership with B-Better®, a start-up brand from Unilever’s Future Platform.

The SIG’s ASI-certified cartons will first be launched in Belgium by the B-Better brand.

The latest sustainable innovation is part of the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing and ambition ‘to go Way Beyond Good by putting more into the environment and society than it takes out.’

“SIG was the first in the industry to achieve certification to the ASI standard and we are delighted that the first cartons with ASI-certified aluminium foil will soon be hitting the supermarket shelves,” said Martin Herrenbrück, SIG’s President & General Manager, Europe.

“ASI certification adds to the extensive portfolio of solutions we offer to help customers meet growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging.”

According to SIG, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standard is designed to enhance traceability and responsibility in the aluminium supply chain.

The innovation promotes SIG’s responsible sourcing throughout the value chain by using aluminium from ASI-certified sources for the ultra-thin layer of foil in its packs.

ASI certification further enhances customers’ sustainability credentials of their packaging for consumers who are keen on the environmental benefits of sustainable packaging.

With the new packaging, customers can choose to include the ASI logo on their packs alongside the FSCTM logo for responsibly sourced paper board.

“It is exciting to see SIG promoting responsible sourcing of aluminium through to a consumer market for the first time, in partnership with B-Better,” said Fiona Solomon, CEO of Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. 

“ASI’s vision is to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society, and increased understanding of the importance of responsible supply chains benefits all stakeholders.”