SOUTH AFRICA – South African juice brand, Sir Fruit, has launched “Mzanzi’s Freshest Label Collection” its new look that its range of 100% juices, health shots, smoothies, and cold-pressed beverages.

The transformation was a collaborative effort, combining the creative minds at Sir Fruit, ad agency Bain & Bunkell, local label designer Frederick Peens from Mark Studio, and talented local illustrator Kris Hewitt from Studio Kronk.

These redesigned labels not only give Sir Fruit products a modern edge but also serve as engaging educational tools for consumers.

They highlight each product’s unique selling points, making it easier for customers to understand what they’re choosing.

They also proudly display Sir Fruit’s commitment to locally sourced ingredients and a distinctly South African personality.

The back-of-pack label narratives complement the front-of-pack illustrations, giving each product its unique character and charm.

Additionally, each label tells a story of the brand’s evolution, capturing the essence of South Africa and the delicious fruits that go into every beverage.

The leading South African juice producer noted that the “Mzanzi’s Freshest Label Collection” celebrates innovation and a fresh start.

“It preserves the brand’s reputation for delivering superior fruit products while infusing them with the dynamic essence of South African culture,” the company said.

The “Mzanzi’s Freshest Label Collection” is more than just a visual upgrade; it’s a testament to Sir Fruit’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and community.

Working with local designers and illustrators underscores the brand’s dedication to nurturing local talent and celebrating South Africa’s creativity.

These refreshed labels are available on store shelves, offering South Africans what Sir Fruit describes as “a visual treat alongside the rich flavors contained within.”

Sir Fruit invites South Africans and fruit enthusiasts worldwide to join them on this exciting journey of rediscovery and delight, promising a taste of the freshest South African spirit in every sip. 

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