USA – Smart Soda Holdings, a healthy beverage alternative manufacturer has launched a revolutionary program for the corporate space, called the Bottle-less Beverage Program.

Smart Soda explains that the Bottle-less Beverage Program includes, the “JuLi Touch” model, which is a state-of-the-art beverage platform with a large, dynamic touch screen for maximum user experience.

It also features an internet of things (IoT) software solution called Smart Soda Sync, to track customer behaviour and identify purchasing needs from a secure online dashboard interface.

Smart Soda’s bottle-less beverage program will offer offices with dispensers that provide the company’s beverage options including: sugar free, reduced cane sugar, vegan, kosher antioxidant-rich, gluten-free and CBD infused beverages.

“We have developed the optimal beverage program for offices, the users can choose from a variety of 32 flavors, sodas and unlimited sparkling mineral and alkaline waters,” says Lior Shafir, the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Soda.

“We are offering a disaster relief program that includes the first 5,000 drinks, 90 days deferred payment and free installation. Our team is professional and follows all COVID-19 safety protocols. I drink our vitamin Infused beverages daily, it is not just delicious, but it supports my immune system.”

Smart Soda prides asthe world’s first company to offer, craft vitamin-infused flavored sparkling alkaline waters and soda as a proprietary line of beverages which the company says it has created with the health-conscious consumer in mind.

As beverage companies continue to reinvent thier engagement with consumers and reduce plastic waste, PepsiCo has also launched a mobile-enabled hydration platform to help consumers keep track of their hydration levels while enjoying their favorite drinks and beverages.

PepsiCo’s platform helps to address the growing need for low-and-no-sugar drinks as well as heightened focus on plastic’s effect on the environment and comprises of hydration dispenser, a user-friendly smartphone app, and a personalized QR code sticker for reusable bottles that allows consumers to be recognized by the dispenser.

It utilizes modern technology to track and personalize the way people take their drinks, also allowing them to set their own daily hydration goals.

These ventures are part of beverage companies’ efforts of becoming more responsible beverage firms by addressing a number of trends resonating with consumers, including increasing concern for the environment and preference for refillable bottles, as well as desire for choice and personalization whenever possible.