Socati debuts new line of CBD-infused products for the hot beverage industry

USA – Socati Corp, a processor of broad-spectrum hemp extracts, has launched two new private label, CBD-infused products for hot beverages.

The initial roll out of hot beverage-focused product line includes water dispersible coffee brightener & natural sweetener packaged as single serve stick packs, and contain customizable levels of high-purity CBD per serving.

The range includes CBD Coffee Brightener as unflavored, unsweetened, rapidly dissolving powder stick pack brightens coffee, pairing well with both dairy or non-dairy additives.

Sacotie’s CBD Coffee Sweetener comes as a Madagascar vanilla brown sugar flavored, rapidly dissolving powder stick pack sweetened naturally with stevia and monk fruit.

Socati said that its broad spectrum hemp ingredients are produced in a GFSI (Good Food Safety Initiative) certified facility, are non-GMO, kosher and suitable for vegan diets.

“We’re very proud of these new private label products.” Said Socati CEO Josh Epstein.

“Co-developed by our world-class formulations team and partners in the food and beverage industry, they not only offer consumers a simple way to take high-purity CBD but also improve the taste and experience of their favorite premium, artisan coffees.

“With over 80% of millennials using additives in their coffee such as milk, sweeteners or flavourings, the addressable market for these products is significant.”

“Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in America, which therefore represents an ideal input opportunity for consumers wishing to take advantage of the benefits of hemp ingredients such as CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoids.” ​ ​Socati chief revenue officer Mark Elfenbein adds.

“We haven’t seen a product yet today in the space that is essentially an all-in-one enhancer to a cup of coffee in terms of impacting the taste profile, providing a very high-end natural sweetener and also broad spectrum CBD in the product.”

Elfenbein explains that the products has a flavor enhancer “to the entire coffee experience to the point that even if you’re drinking maybe not a great cup of coffee, it has the ability to eliminate the bitter tones.”

Saocati has also unveiled plans of rolling out additional hot and cold CBD beverage lines in the coming months.

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