SOUTH AFRICA – Drifter Brewing Company,manufacturers of craft beer in Cape Town, has launched another set of limited edition ocean-aged beer, reports IOL Business.

The brewing company said that they decided to scale-up this year’s production after a profound success following its last year’s launch.

“Our first round was super successful as we sold all 800 of the bottles we produced. This year we decided because it was so popular to produce more, around 2000 bottles,” said Drifter.

In 2017, Drifter Brewing Company was the first brewery in the world to age beer in the ocean and now they are back with their second limited batch of bottles aged on the ocean floor in Cape Town over a 12-month period.

The ocean-aging concept originated from the owner Nicholas Bush in 2016, who said that he found conditions in the ocean favourable for the aging process.

“Due to the darkness and cold temperatures, the ocean here is ideal for this unique fermentation process.

It also goes with our tagline of adventure and creativity,” he said.

The beer is a strong Belgian-style tripel (10% ABV) packaged in a 750ml champagne-sized bottle and goes at US$20.55 (R295) price per bottle.

However, the company noted that, excise tax constitutes the major cost during beer-making due to high alcohol content with other costs resulting from packaging sinking. 

“The main cost of all the beers we make is our excise tax actually especially on this one because it’s a high alcohol percentage beer.

Otherwise, for this one, we also spent a great deal of money on the packaging and the actual sinking process (transport,renting scuba kits, etc.).

If you are making beer at home then the main costs involved are the equipment and ingredients which really depends onset up to set up,” said Drifter.

Earlier this year the company started a crowdfunding campaign to speed up expansion and push their business into the global market which saw the company raise US$208,957.29 within 30 days from 129 local investors.

This has been a major breakthrough for the company after they started off with only 5 investors a previous crowdfunding saw the company raise US$69,652.43 last year.

After making its first shipment to China this year, the company wishes to acquire an automated bottling line and continue its growth strategy plans towards being a competitive brand in the global market.