South Africa’s liqueur firm KWV unveils Wild Africa Cream Liqueur in Nigeria

NIGERIA – KWV Holdings, South African wines, spirits and liqueur producer has launched the Wild Africa Cream Liqueur in Nigeria to effectively compete in the wine market.

ThisDay Nigeria reports that KWV’s investment seeks to satisfy the classy yearnings of consumers and celebrate Nigeria as it expands its reach to other countries on the continent.

The company has partnered with the Ekulo Group, Nigeria’s leading household products manufacturing and commodity distribution conglomerate, to ensure fast and effective distribution.

According to the company, this will enable the brand have significant visibility around the country.

KWV is set to benefit from Ekulo’s experience in the wine industry and history of successful marketing of international quality wine and liqueur brands.

“Wild Africa has been around for years and its available basically in every continent and because Africa is in our name, it’s time to move our African countries better.

So we decided to bring it to Nigeria and from here we hope it becomes a household name that most people know because we believe, as they taste the brand, there will be no going back,” said the Brand Manager RTDs Liqueurs, KWV SA, Barry Badenhorst.

According to KWA West Africa’s Regional Manager, John Terfa Maka, he brand’s unique proposition is to offer quality products at an affordable price. A strategy which will give it an edge over those in the same category.

“Unique selling is the quality thing we are bringing, while also coming at a price point to understand that great value can be purchased in very affordable prices. Some products in that category have priced themselves so high but we give quality even better than what is in the market,” said Maka.

“Presently, KWV is a subsidiary of Niveus Investments, part of the HCI black empower investment group and the only South African producer listed on Drinks International’s Most Admired Wine Brands Global Register.”

KWV was founded in 1918 and is one of the leading wines and spirits producers in South Africa.

The company secured one of the largest BBBEE deals in 2014 with Phetogo Ltd, attaining 25,1% shares.

This led KWV products to enter into the South African local wine market with its branded wines and brandies, having previously been available to international consumers.

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