South Africa’s local seasoning Oryx Desert Salt to hit shelves in USA

SOUTH AFRICA – Local seasoning brand Oryx Desert Salt will soon be one of the few South African brands to appear on Whole Foods Market shelves in the United States.

The Whole Foods listing is effective from October 2021, after many years of growing the brand locally, elsewhere in Africa and in international markets such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK and Taiwan.

The company says it is incredibly grateful to its local customers and partners who helped create and grow the brand, opening up this expansion into Whole Foods.

“All those customers who choose to buy Oryx Desert Salt, all the restaurants that choose to put Oryx on their tables, continue to help build a proudly South African business with an international footprint,” it said.

Whole Foods specialises in organic food that’s been sustainably produced and it chooses its suppliers carefully.

Oryx Desert Salt is sourced from a vast saltpan within the remote, unpolluted Kalahari Desert.

Crystal salt is harvested from underground streams running through ancient Dwyka rock formations thought to be 280-300 million years old, and then naturally sun-dried under the hot Kalahari sun. The result is pure, naturally organic salt.

According to the company, because Oryx Desert Salt is free of preservatives, additives and is unprocessed, it retains all its valuable minerals and micro-nutrients, making it a nutritious whole food. Its subtle yet distinctive flavour profile means less salt is needed for a more enriched taste.

Oryx Desert Salt is sustainable, coming from a renewable and self-replenishing source in the Kalahari.

Refillable glass bottles with long-lasting ceramic grinder heads (so no plastic particles are ground into food) means customers can refill their grinders over and over by buying value-for-money refill boxes.

South African customers can find Oryx Desert Salt in premium Woolworths stores, Cape Union Mart, selected Pick n Pay stores, Dis-Chem and Spar as well as most health shops and delis countrywide.

The seasoning joins the growing list of locally made South African products accessing the abroad markets.

Recently, the South Africa rooibos industry received the certificate of registration for Protection Designation of Origin (PDO) in the European Union (EU).

A PDO identifies and links a product to a region, associating its quality and reputation to that area.

With the certification, Rooibos will now receive the same protection as Champagne, Irish whiskey, Porto, Queso Manchego and other iconic products already registered, creating greater product recognition and demand.

The South African product has become the first African commodity to receive PDO status from the EU, which would afford it greater access to the industry.

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