CANADA – Soylent Nutrition, the makers of Soylent beverages, powder and bars, has relaunched its products in the Canadian market after halting distribution of the products in this market two years ago.

The California-based food tech startup entered the Canadian market in 2015. In the fall of 2017, Soylent was notified that there were challenges with certain Canadian government filings that resulted to the company withdrawing its products.

To comply, Soylent says that it did not change their popular formulas, but instead was able to catch up to the proper regulatory paperwork followed by a survey and enquiries to identify the flavors that consumers sought for.

In response, Soylent has relaunched with three 14oz ready-to-drink flavors – Original, Chocolate and Cafe Mocha, as well as with two powder flavors – Original and Chocolate.

The company says that all of the product formulas remain shelf-stable, plant-based and maintain their complete nutrition profiles.

“We have been taking a number of steps to refocus our business and renew our commitment to core consumers and core products, and this is a big step forward,” says Soylent’s newly-named CEO, Demir Vangelov.

“Our Canadian customers have remained dedicated and have been vocal in reminding us that they wanted us back. It took longer than we hoped, but we are thrilled to be available in Canada again.”

This announcement is a significant win for Soylent under the leadership of their new CEO and one that demonstrates the company’s renewed commitment to the core consumers that helped build their business.

This announcement also comes on the heels of a price drop of Soylent’s powder products in the US in March, which made Soylent’s powder rank among the most affordable complete nutrition product available there.

In Canada, Soylent said that consumers will also be able to order their drink directly from the company and have it delivered straight to their doorstep.