KENYA – Glovo, a Spanish delivery firm which launched in the Kenyan market in January this year, has entered into more strategic partnerships with local and international brands in the country as it seeks to further expand its market footprint.

Glovo has now partnered with Java House, Naivas Supermarket, Zucchini Greengrocers and Onn The Way Supermarket that will see the firms tap into strategic business fields in order to provide their service to their new clientele.

Speaking during the announcement of the partnerships, William Benthall, Glovo’s General Manager for Kenya, said that the deal will greatly benefit consumers of Glovo’s service, enabling them to easily interact with their favourite brands.

“Glovo is committed to providing our customers with any product from Nairobi within minutes. Glovo is launching partnerships with Naivas, Java House, and Onn The Way, adding these Nairobi institutions to the list of stores and restaurants that are already on the platform.

“In the long run these partnerships will help us achieve our broader strategy of being a single platform for all our customer’s needs and deliveries,” said Benthall.

The partnership with Java House Africa will involve connecting customers to the nearest Java outlet enabling them to order right from the app and enjoy delivery within a short period.

In addition, Glovo’s partnership with Naivas and Onn The Way will see the firm expand the reach of the supermarkets to online customers seeking the convenience of ordering from the comfort of their homes and workplaces, with delivery in minutes.

Since its entry into the Kenyan Market in January this year, Glovo has partnered with top brands and franchises including Simbisa Brands, which operates Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn.

In Africa, Glovo operates in Kenya, Morocco, Egypt and Ivory Coast with plans to expand to Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania through their online platform that enables customers to order items such as food, groceries or gifts.

The firm recently raised US$168 million in new funding that will partly go towards growing its African footprint and expanding its delivery portfolio.

Glovo says it will use the additional capital from its fourth round of fundraising to expand its delivery categories beyond food to groceries, drinks, gifts, laundry, pharmaceutical products and courier.

Last year, the firm raised US$134 million from Venture Capital and Private Equity firms in its third round of fundraising. Its fundraising so far stands at US$322 million.