USA –  Pumps and pumping equipment company SPX FLOW, Inc., has launched a sustainability initiative aimed at drastically reducing the total amount of clean water a homogenizer uses.  

According to the US-based company, the Homogenizer Water Recycling System (HWRS) is designed to recycle up to 97% of the water used by homogenizers.  

Traditionally, a continual flow of water gets supplied to homogenizers to cool the transmission oil and lubricate the plungers.  

The HWRS technology recaptures that water, sanitizes and chills it, then returns it to the homogenizer. 

The amount of water that can be saved depends on the homogenizer, but SPX FLOW said the HWRS can save up to 2m gallons each year (7,500m3).  

For context, SPX Flow says that it takes three seconds for that much water to flow over Niagara Falls.  

Water reduction, a key sustainability target

The innovation is launching at a time when more and more, food and beverage processors are trying to slash water use to meet environmental protection goals that consumers favor. 

That approach is somewhat of a turnaround from decades past when water conservation was more of an afterthought for the industry, among the top for water consumption.  

After all, water typically has been a less expensive and less volatile utility than other energy sources, and factories simply need certain amounts of water as an ingredient and for cleaning and processing. 

Efficiency projects have always been welcome: reusing some water, monitoring usage with a sensor, or plugging a leak to save some money.  

Those projects that chip away at water usage are the building blocks of water sustainability initiatives in the industry. 

“Water recycling has become increasingly urgent as the cost of water and sewer bills rise and the availability of water shrinks,” said Con O’Driscoll, SPX FLOW’s global product manager of dispersion products.  

“We believe sustainability is paramount, and we are continually developing innovative processes and solutions to help our customers reach their goals. The HWRS is a great example.”  

A proven plug & play technology

The HWRS meets the drinking water regulatory standards set by the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).  

It can be used with both new and existing homogenizers made by any manufacturer. It is compact at 21 x 32 inches (533.4 x 812.8 mm), and if any problems emerge, the HWRS has its own control system, including features that would default to freshwater without causing downtime.  

“This is a proven, plug-and-play technology,” O’Driscoll said. “It’s easy to retrofit and simple to implement.”  

The HWRS is the latest water-saving technology from SPX FLOW: The company holds more than 850 patents worldwide, and approximately 44% of the patent families are related to sustainability and clean technology.

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