USA – US-based Stratus Group Beverage has released a new line of organic kombucha drinks for the US market, made exclusively with organic and non-GMO ingredients and feature a blend of fermented tea and a range of fruit flavours.

According to FoodBev, KÖE Organic Kombucha range has five flavours initially available: Lemon ginger, mango, raspberry lemon, blueberry ginger and raspberry dragonfruit, all of which are USDA-certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified and feature no artificial sweeteners.

Stratus said that the release of the drinks aims to bring kombucha to a wider range of consumers, rather than specifically targeting particularly health-conscious consumers.

The company also added that the range offers a healthier alternative to soft drinks which are high in ingredients such as fructose syrup.

“KÖE was made for the 90% of consumers in America who have never had kombucha.

We wanted to craft a beverage for the person who wants all the great benefits of traditional kombucha without sacrificing great taste,” said Stratus Group Beverage executive vice-president Armen Soghomonian.

“What KÖE does is revolutionary. Vibrant and delicious organic fruit purees and juices mixed with billions of live probiotics in a shelf stable can.

You can have great tasting kombucha anywhere – on the beach with your friends, in the boardroom, or on a hike. KÖE is the kombucha that goes wherever you go.”