CANADA — Sugar refinery Sucro Can Canada announced its intentions to expand the sugar refining capacity of Hamilton refinery by more than double to meet growing sugar demand from Ontario food manufacturers.

The expansion will allow the Hamilton refinery to reach 200,000 tons annual capacity by 2024. It’s the third major expansion in a five-year period.

“Sucro Can has innovated and invested in micro sugar refineries to serve its rapidly increasing customer base with competitive alternatives and supply chain excellence not previously available,” said Jonathan Taylor, founder and chief executive officer of Sucro Can.

The Canadian sugar industry produces approximately 1.3 million tonnes of refined sugar annually with a value of shipments of over $1 billion dollars.

Major sugar-using food exports from Ontario to the US are valued at $5.8 billion (2019) and account for 65% of all Canadian exports of these products to the US.

Ontario is a production and distribution center for major markets with the United States representing the most important market for exports of sugar-containing products.

The Ontario sugar market is one of, if not, the fastest growing sugar markets in North America with customer demand projected to continue growing at above market averages for several years, the company said.

“Sucro Can is ideally positioned to meet this increased demand, with increased capacity beginning in 2023,” said Eli Cohen, vice president of sales and operations at Sucro Can Canada. “We expect Sucro Can’s market share in Ontario to exceed 25%.

“Sucro Can’s sugar refinery is the first built in Canada in over 60 years and has provided much needed capacity, competition and innovation in the Canadian sugar market. Through its unique refinery design and logistics, Sucro Can is able to increase capacity at a significantly lower cost than its competitors.”

Sucro Can Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sucro Sourcing, established in 2014 and is one of, if not, the largest sellers of organic sugar in North America.

The Hamilton refinery opened in 2019 and produces both conventional and organic sugar. In addition to Sucro Canada, Sucro Sourcing has 5 processing facilities, 15 storage locations, 9 regional transfer stations and 4 logistical centers.

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