ZAMBIA – Mansa Sugar Limited proposes to set up a sugar plantation and processing factory in Chembe at a cost of over K72 million.

The factory complex will process about 500,000 tonnes of sugarcane per annum and produce 44,380 tonnes of white mill sugar.

This is contained in an environmental impact assessment submitted by the company saying that the proposed project site, which is located in the Chembe multi-facility economic zone will be done on a 2,500 hectare and cost K72,500,000.

The production plan has been designed in three phases, where phase one, will involve carrying out some studies, design estimations and putting up basic amenities, which will be implemented in a six months period.

Land development, civil constructions and establishment of the factory as well as carrying out some trials has been categorised under phase two, within 18 months implementation.

“Phase three of the project will take about two years and will involve the entire area development on a full scale of operations on a total of 10,000 hectares land in a phased manner spread over the period of up to eight years,”

The source of water will be Luwo, Lwele and Luapula rivers and the project life span is over 30 years.

The proposed project activities will include vegetation clearing, earth works for construction of access roads, borrowing of road construction materials, excavation and allowing for the construction of sub-structure and construction of super structures.

December 9, 2015;