USA – Sun Basket, US meal kit company that offers organic recipes and sustainable ingredients has expanded its distribution channel by opening a new site in Westampton, New Jersey, US.

The company said that with the new distribution facility, it will be able to increase its meal kits supply, five to ten more times to the East Coast.

It will be equipped with modern automation and data management tools to increase the facility’s operational efficiency, increase margins and expand customer choices.

Seated on 190,000 square-feet space, the new centre is expected to earn higher revenues of up to US$500 million, with 400 new jobs added for the benefit of the local economy.

Sub Basket secured US$57.8 million to boost its business investments with two new facilities, and the New Jersey site seems to be one of them.

To ensure fresher food and lower food waste, the grocery store revealed that it was cutting out its middleman with the new site, enabling it to deliver food twice as compared to the traditional grocery model.

This, in addition to San Jose, CA facility which services eight Western states and another East Coast distribution center in New Jersey, expands the company’s reach to the US market, faced with a rising demand for organic meals.

Adam Zbar, Sun Basket CEO and co-founder said that they were embarking on a commitment to upgrade their facilities with automation, improve efficiency and satisfy customers.

“Our rapid growth and need for a much larger East Coast facility is an amazing vote of confidence from customers, and it’s a clear sign that there is a huge market for healthy, delicious meals which meet consumers’ diet-specific needs,” he added.

On an expansion mission, the company has put its focus on healthy delivery including personalized nutrition, with the introduction of Vegan, Mediterranean, and Pescatarian menu offerings.