Superfresh introduces new mealie meal packages

ZIMBABWE – A new grain milling company, Superfresh Foods, will from next week introduce 10kg super refined and roller meal to its King’s product range following an investment of $500 000, an official has said. 

This will enable the company to raise its milling capacity to 150 tonnes per day from 30 tonnes.

Marketing manager Mr Felix Masuka also said the Superfresh Foods products such as cooking oil and salt would be introduced to major supermarkets.

The company has been producing mealie meal for the past three months targeting the low end market.

“We will be introducing our products to the major markets starting next week. The response in the areas we have been supplying our King’s brand has been overwhelming but we have been targeting only cash clients,” said Mr Masuka.

Superfresh buys more than 200 tonnes maize per day from local farmers through buying agents around the country.

Mr Masuka said the company was in the process of raising capital for new equipment as it seeks to enter the flour business in the near future. Superfresh’s milling capacity is 3,5 tonnes per hour.

On the grain price war between the Government and traders, Mr Masuka said they are complying with the new Statutory Instrument that compels garin companies and individuals to buy maize from growers at $390 per tonne.

Under the new regulations, the Agriculture Minister may announce the minimum producer price of maize, sorghum, pearl millet (mhunga), finger millet (rapoko) and wheat at the beginning of the marketing season.

Only registered buyers are allowed to purchase maize and those companies and individuals buying below the stipulated price will be fined or imprisoned for up to three months. The grain will be forfeited to the State.

Grain millers and traders argue that the new regulations will trigger price increases as they seek to cushion their margins.

August 19, 2014;

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