NIGERIA – Swiss Spirit Danag, an international hospitality group, has ventured into the bottled water segment launching the ‘Danag premium table water’ in the Nigerian Market.

According to a report by the Guardian, Swiss Spirit said that the Danag table water brand will focus in providing quality and safe drinking water to support healthy living.

In a statement signed by Chief Daniel Chimezie Okeke, Chairman and chief executive of Swiss Spirit Danag – parent company of DANAG Table Water – said the launch of the premium water brand marks the group’s commitment to champion quality water for healthier generations.

“For this purpose, the introduction of DANAG premium table water is rooted in the belief that ‘water’ is the essence of life, and should be valued, not taken for granted,” he said.

Additionally, he noted that Danag will remain focused in promoting responsible water stewardship by providing quality and eventually roll out environment led initiatives to promote a cleaner environment.

The ionized water, which comes in various bottle sizes is approved by NAFDAC with good pH, reverse osmosis filtration.

The Nigerian bottled water industry

The bottled water industry in Nigeria which was hitherto controlled by very few players has, today, attracted many more players, including giants in soft drink and pharmaceutical industries.

The investments into the sector have been attributed to an increase demand for bottled water driven by population growth.

Predominantly, sachets are the most common means of water packaging due to its affordability and widespread availability across off- and on-trade channels.

However, stronger competition anticipated in bottled water segment despite a challenging economic environment experienced in the country which may push the average retail unit price of bottled water upward.

As the competitive landscape of bottled water remains highly fragmented in, many manufacturers have been seen to shift their focus on niches.

For instance, Coca-Cola Nigeria unveiled plans of boosting its market share through its flagship brand, Eva, by deploying extensive marketing and promotional campaigns.

Additionally, Viju Industries Nigeria which has emerged as an increasingly competitive player in bottled water segment through its Mr V Premium Water brand has in the recent past recorded dynamic retail value sales growth since its launch.

New entrants into the segment will continue to stir up competition as players are compelled to device new strategies in order to remain competitive.