SOUTH AFRICA – Switch Energy, a prominent energy drink brand in South Africa, has announced an exciting addition to its lineup, the Marula & Litchi flavor.

This announcement comes as a grand gesture of support and admiration for South Africa’s beloved Springboks, and the limited-edition release features a specially designed Springbok-themed can.

“The timing of this limited-edition release, just ahead of the Springboks’ quest to defend their title in the Rugby World Cup, couldn’t be more perfect. Fans are buzzing with excitement,” the company said.

“Our decision to introduce the Marula & Litchi flavor in the Springbok can design aligns perfectly with our peak season and the global relevance of the Rugby World Cup,” Jono Marcus, the head of sales at Switch Energy added.

“This blend promises a refreshing experience, reflecting the dynamic energy of rugby itself. It’s a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering innovative flavors and dynamic experiences to its consumers.”

The Marula & Litchi flavor reveals Switch Energy’s commitment to innovation and the South African spirit.

Switch Energy has long been a pioneer in the South African energy drink market, known for its commitment to delivering innovative flavors and embracing the nation’s sports culture.

What truly sets this launch apart, according to the brand, is the limited-edition Springbok can design which embodies the essence of the iconic Springbok away jersey, with its vibrant colors and bold symbolism.

“Beyond being a delicious energy drink, this unique design is aimed to serve as a collector’s item and a way for fans to proudly show their support for the Springboks during the upcoming Rugby World Cup.”

Switch Energy also seeks to extend an invitation to fans, rugby enthusiasts, and flavor connoisseurs alike to savor victory with the Marula & Litchi flavor.

The special edition indicates a tribute to the Springbok legacy and a heartfelt toast to the team’s pursuit of excellence on the global stage.

In a country where rugby is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life, Switch Energy’s latest offering is a nod to the passion and pride that South Africans feel for the Springboks.

Recently Switch Energy has maintained as a trailblazer in the energy drink industry, not only for its innovative flavors but also for its unwavering support of South African sports and culture.

As rugby fans gear up to rally behind the Springboks, the brand has provided a unique South African taste in hand – the Marula & Litchi flavor in a Springbok-themed can.

This limited-edition release is poised to become a collector’s item and a symbol of national pride as the Springboks take on the world in the Rugby World Cup.

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