Symrise unveils 2025 strategy targeting health and naturalness

GERMANY – The Dutch flavors and fragrances company, Symrise AG has announced its new long-term targets until 2025, with a particular focus on capitalizing the rising trends in the health and natural category.

The company aims to achieve an average annual organic sales growth (CAGR) of 5 to 7 % and make strategic acquisitions that will boost its sales to between US$6.24 billion and US$6.81 billion.

Apart from committing to its proven strategy, Symrise said it intends to generate an EBITDA margin within the target corridor of 20 to 23 % from 2020 onward.

A deeper look into the customer and consumer needs will help the firm explore the opportunities presented by the changing tastes and preferences especially for health and wellness products.

This will be enhanced through a comprehensive gaze on innovation and high-margin applications, which all present high growth opportunities.

We will make even more systematic use of our strengths and enter adjacent growth areas, concentrating on the expansion of our global presence and our portfolio in high-margin business areas.

We will also consistently expand our product mix, in particular with natural and health-related applications.


According to Symrise, it has doubled its sales to US$3.4 billion from 2008 to 2017.

In April 2014, Symrise announced the acquisition of Diana Group one of the leading manufacturers of natural flavors at the time.

Long-term profitable growth

To secure long-term profitable growth, Symrise plans to expand in high-growth business areas, broaden natural raw material base and further develop high-demand application areas such as Menthol, Cosmetic Ingredients, Food and Pet Food.

It expects the emerging markets to generate more than half of its sales given its rich portfolio comprising of pet food and baby food, probiotics, active cosmetic ingredients and functional, health-supporting ingredients.

To improve the supply chain, the company said it intends to work more closely with customers by utilizing digitized and networked processes that will enable it offer better solutions to customer needs.

The company will utilize the Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and new product development.

Additionally, Symrise said it aims to reduce its ecological footprint by 505 through the various commitments.

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