Symrise unveils tea and coffee flavors for dairy applications

GERMANY – The flavours and fragrances company, Symrise has developed a new collection of specialty coffee and tea flavours that find applications in dairy products including milkshakes, yogurts and ice cream.

According to the company, the new range provides unique and full indulgence, authentic taste achieved through innovations around recent customer tastes and preferences.

The flavor variants were developed based on the flavor trend from their proprietary consumer insights study called ‘Conserve,Preserve, Shaken or Stirred’, featuring processing, mixing and infusing opposing ingredients that transforms flavor profiles.

They combine unusual ingredients and special sourcing with a unique process and creative composition.

“Consumers are looking for that premium experience in their food, which means pushing the boundaries on taste,” said Ian Thurston, Senior Category Manager Sweet at Symrise.

“Our collection goes beyond what is expected in coffee and tea flavors, utilizing café favourites and unique tastes that pair perfectly with dairy indulgences.”

Complex, high-intensity flavors from the coffee category include hazelnut and amaretto, salted caramel, cold brew mocha and hibiscus blossom chai latte, while the tea ingredients are matcha, chocolate, vanilla earl grey and white peach.

The company said the ingredients have the ability to impart a pleasant taste sensation as well as mask any astringent or sour notes that are challenging in some dairy applications.

The result is a collection of flavors that elevates dairy with the authentic taste of barista-brewed tea and coffee and opens the door to new, more indulgent applications for an eager consumer base, said the company.

This comes even as tea and coffee flavors are cropping up in several categories beyond hot drinks, including ice cream, sweet biscuits and beer, with manufacturers focusing on indulgence

According to Innova Market Insights, coffee has clearly been trending among Millennial and Generation Z consumers and tea is also reinventing itself among the younger generations.

With the taste and experiential associations of coffee and the healthy image of tea, the industry is increasingly using coffee and tea as ingredients and flavors outside the hot drinks and iced tea and coffee sub-categories across a wide variety of products as varied as energy bars, yogurt and jam.

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